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The top of your canvas dodger or bimini is an excellent place to mount solar panels. At these locations they are perpendicular to the sun and are out of your way. This custom fabricated system consists of two main support brackets that are mounted to your bimini or dodger and two adjustable cross bars that slide between the main supports.


We offer this system for custom installation with your Iverson's canvas dodger/bimini order.
Please call or email for more information.

Here's what's included in the kit:

A) Two 1-inch diameter stainless steel main support side bars.
These bars will require a total of 4 holes to be drilled through your existing bimini/dodger frame so they can be through-bolted.

B) Two 1-inch diameter stainless steel adjustable cross bars.
These bars are adjustable sliding forward and aft on the main support side bars. You may need to cut some length off of these bars for an exact fit.

C) Four 1-inch diameter stainless steel take-apart jaw slides.
These fittings are used to connect the main supports to the cross bars.

D) Four 1-inch diameter stainless steel eye ends.
These fittings are used to connect the cross bars to the main supports.

1-inch diameter stainless steel hinged mount post.
This fitting can be used as an optional way to attach your solar panel. The manufacturer of your solar panel may have a specialized fitting that comes with the panel. If not these fittings work well for a secure attachment. Just be sure to let us know how many you need (usually four posts per solar panel).

Measuring your complete Solar Panel Mounting System

Getting measurements for the manufacturing of the Solar Panel Mount System is easy. Two measurements is all that is required for us to manufacture your complete kit. Please follow these tips:

For the measurement needed to make the Main Support Side Bars on your dodger and or bimini, simply measure the length (forward to aft) from mid point of the curve on the forward bow to mid point of the curve on the back bow.

For the measurement needed to make the Adjustable Cross Bars, measure port to starboard the distance between the two Main Support Side Bars. It is best to over compensate by a couple of inches on this measurement as these bars will need to be cut anyways to allow for a custom fit.

Please Note: Iverson's Design Inc. does not install solar panels or wiring.




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